My name is Nancy Vargo, and I want to help you negotiate the maze of insurance!

I'll bet that you hate dealing with insurance! It can be confusing and expensive and definitely not fun! You pay all this money to insurance companies every month and hope you won't ever have to use it!! Does that make sense?!?!?

Yes, actually it does! Hopefully you'll stay healthy and live long, but just in case you get hit by a truck, you and your loved ones need some protection!

So what do you need? How much is too much?

Some things to consider:

• Your age?

• Married or Single?

• Kids?

• Own or Rent?

• Working, Retired or In-between jobs?

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Can we talk?
That's the easiest way to figure out what you need and what's the best price. Call 928.777.8736! Okay, I have a life, so leave me a message if I'm out! I'll get right back to you.

Email works too.
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I know, I know! You want an answer right now!!! But you'll get a better one if you give me some info and let me get lots of quotes. You deserve the most protection at the best cost. So send me your age and zip and let me check all the best companies!

I'm an independent agent. I don't work for an insurance company. I work for you!

I will:
• Compare rates from many companies and find the best one for you
• Work only with highly rated, responsible companies
• Be available to you to help with claims processing or whatever you need
• Translate government and insurance company language and explain their programs

I think you'll find that I'm someone you'll be comfortable with, so that you can discuss your personal situation and budget confidentially.

Please contact me today for a personal insurance consultation!

Serving clients all over the USA from:
• Prescott
• Prescott Valley
• Chino Valley
• Flagstaff
• Anthem
• Phoenix
• Northern Arizona
• Central Arizona

Specializing in ...
• Medicare Supplement Insurance
• Medicare Advantage Insurance
• Medicare Part D Prescription Drugs
• Health Insurance - with no medical questions
• Life Insurance
• Employee Benefits
• Long Term Care Insurance
• Investments

My commitment to you as your independent insurance agent is that I am here to help you find the insurance that will give you the most protection at the best cost.