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How much of your retirement savings is at risk in stocks, mutual funds or variable annuities? With the current financial environment, I’m advising my clients to protect their principal. I have a conservative strategy that provides no loss of principal, some interest no matter what happens, and more interest when the market starts going back up. How long will it take before that happens? No one knows.

By putting your investments in fixed indexed annuities, you are in position to profit when the market does go up, but in the mean time you are not losing a penny, and you are making money. You’re also not paying any fees. And your taxes are deferred.

Many of my clients turn their annuities into a life time income to supplement social security, or to replace a social security check when one spouse passes on.

Let’s talk about what the best way is to protect your savings!

Personal Investment Consultation
With a free personal investment consultation I will help you choose the investments that meet your needs. Please contact me from wherever you are to discuss your investment strategy and options. If you’re in Prescott, Flagstaff, Anthem, Phoenix, Northern and Central Arizona, we can visit in person. I have clients in other parts of the country, and we visit on the phone or through Skype.

Contact me. Because I’m an Independent Insurance Agent, I can search many companies to find the investments that are best for you.!