Life Insurance

Most people don’t like to think about life insurance. But it’s an important way to protect your family or a business partner.

Whole Life always pays off, which makes it more expensive.
Term Life gives you lots of insurance for a much lower cost. It protects you for 10, 20 or 30 years.
Universal Life is somewhere in-between, both in price and protection.

There’s a place for each. It depends on your situation.
Life Insurance for Prescott, Flagstaff, Anthem, Phoenix, Northern and Central Arizona.

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* Term Life is the most popular. It's great to cover the 20-30 years until your kids are grown and on their own.
* Term is good to pay off your mortgage,and it can be less expensive than mortgage insurance. If you move, you take the term life policy with you.
* Term has the same premium payment for the duration of the term. Then look out, 'cause it goes WAY up!

* Universal Life has a variable premium that you chose as you go along. The more you pay, the longer it lasts. Interest rates can affect it too.
* Universal has pretty much replaced whole life because it has such nice benefits for you.

* Whole life is a good way to pre-pay burial/funeral expenses.
* Whole life can be used to move money to the next generation without paying inheritance taxes. Life insurance benefits are tax free.
* Whole life premiums never go up. You can have a policy that gets paid up and then you don't have to make any more payments.
* Whole life has a cash value, and you can borrow against it, or cash it out and cancel the policy.

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